Lending hands to someone is better than giving a dole

When we come across a person who is struggling in poverty and helpless then we surely think to help them. This help may be in the form of a few rupees (or dollars, in accordance with currency) or food. We want to give them the money or food so as to help them out to live their life, out of our courtesy. We also may think that it’s our duty as a human to help each other. Money or resources may be sufficient for a helpless or poor person, but when we talk in macro-economical terms, it is not sufficient. For example: a person is struggling and in need of money and we provide him with the money and/or food, then we can satisfy their need but temporarily.

For a prolonged and long term effect, we will have to lend hands to them .i.e. help them in setting up a source of income for them through which they can earn their bread and butter. Just like this small example, same concept is when we talk about a country or an economy. We all know that unemployment is a major problem in nearly all developing countries. Some countries provide unemployment allowance to their citizens.

If state (term for a country) provides a handsome amount of money as unemployment allowance, then will we ever think of earning our bread and butter on our own? I doubt we will. I know we will be having our justifications on the same, that we are self-reliant and we’ll try our best to earn it ourselves and so, but when we talk generally, it is better if we help someone to be able to earn their bread and butter themselves then to give them a dole (financial assistance by state).

Let me give my own thoughts on the same. If I am given a chance to express my views on the same. I will prefer to help them with my support, because I believe that if with my support he is able to earn Rs.1000 per month, then it will be better then giving him Rs.10,000 one time for support of him and his family.

Need of skill-building

If you can provide a person with any one of the two – skill or money. Give them skill, because with the skill he/she will be able to make money that will make them self-reliant and confident enough. This confident will always be more then double of what they get when you give them direct financial assistance.

Financial Assistance is not at all bad

As I am laying more stress on the skill building and helping someone in becoming self-reliant, this does not mean that we are talking that financial assistance is a waste and bad. It is also useful but it should be for immediate survival needs. Any financial assistance should be combined with assistance and support for development of skills so as to be able to earn livelihood.

Development of self-reliance : India’s example

In India, with the government’s full support and introduction of new technology in agricultural production lead to India becoming self-reliant in the food grains production. Additionally, poverty alleviation and employment generation programmes have also lead to raised living standards.

Quick points

  1. Financial assistance is justified, but for a short period of time. Focus should be on providing support to make them self-reliant.

  2. Development of skills and self-reliance is always better then dole .i.e. financial assistance.

  3. There are case studies like development of new agricultural practices with the support of the government, that has lead to good progress and self-reliance in the field of agricultural production in India.

  4. If you can, help them by lending your hand, to be able to get up again on their own legs, then by simply helping them with money.


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