Om Banna visit and experiencing an Act of Kindness

Hello friends! Today I am writing to talk about something that is going on in my mind, since the time I experienced something. This experience made me write about it, as it was absolutely unexpected and unusual. Some times strangers do something which make you believe in humanity again.

So, from 10-15 days, when in Jaipur, a desire came into my mind, and that was to visit the Om Banna temple. Then on one day when I was in my hometown (Jodhpur), when I was talking with a friend, immediately I decided that I will visit the temple tomorrow itself. (13th May, 2018). It is around 55 km from Jodhpur, and being on a National Highway one can go there by all means – by Public Transport bus, own vehicle, etc.

I informed about it to my father who agreed but, due to an important work, own vehicle was not available for me. He told that he will drop me to the bus station and as it is a busy highway I will be getting a return bus, every 15-20 minutes.

Om Banna Temple

Om Banna shrine is located in Pali district, on Jodhpur-Pali highway around 55 km from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. For more details, here is the Wikipedia article.

As it was really hot over here these days, I decided to start the trip soon so that by the time it is afternoon, I will back home.

My Look on that day 😛

I started around 09.30 am and reached there in around an hour. I had visited the shrine multiple times earlier through, starting from the college days, where college friends introduced me to the place.

It was really nice visiting this place and I was happy, as a wish of the visit in my mind which was possible only due to God’s grace.

I had some demands and prayers too that I asked for from the God. (As he is the ultimate savior, and we can at least expect from him without getting disappointed.) I hope that all these wishes turn true.

I forgot to mention this was probably my first all alone trip to Om Banna shrine by bus, as normally I prefer going over there by vehicle along with friends.

Experiencing an Act of Kindness

So, after the divine Darshan of the shrine, I drank some water and turned to the road to get a return vehicle. Coincidentally there itself I found a bus. I boarded it and luckily found a place to sit and travel. The bus was a private bus and so the exact place of lodging (in Jodhpur) was to be confirmed. As I was asking the bus conductor, but he tried to neglect my query and said, “Board the bus first. I will tell you about the place where we will drop you.” The bus was not much crowded and it was a sigh of relief for me.

I assumed that the bus will be dropping near the usual place of dropping and so, I also ignored the place. Now as the bus entered the city, the bus driver dropped us around 4-5 kilometers before the usual bus stop. As expected, we had to get down then and there.

Here, I tried to catch a local city bus but couldn’t find one instantly. I had less idea of the route too which added to the difficulty. I was walking towards my destination with a hope to find a city bus soon. I found one but it was a connecting one that will lead to my destination. I boarded it but there was no seat to sit and I had to travel standing throughout.

I finally reached the stop, where I would be boarding the next bus, and so I got down. I was shocked to see, that the bus stops for a few seconds to drop the passengers and then resume its speed which is sometimes very difficult for the ladies and old passengers.

As I stopped, I found another bus, of the same number which will take to my destination. As I ran towards the same, the bus conductor hinted me to come fast and then the bus went away. I again was on foots on road travelling to my destination which was still around 8 km away. I felt thirsty, and so I took a mineral water bottle from a nearby store. I drank around 600-650 ml in a single time, which was definitely an indication that I was super thirsty and resumed towards my destination.

It came in my mind to take a cab or auto-rickshaw to the destination, but I wanted to experience how the common person experiences the hot temperature each and every day during his journeys.

Walking towards the destination, I planned to take a bus from the next stop which was around 1-1.5 km from the place. With my T-shirt full wet with the sweat and the sweat diluting the tikkaa/tikki which the priest applied on my forehead, I was walking on one of the main roads of Jodhpur. (along with paying attention to any similar numbered bus). As I crossed an intersecting road, I observed someone stopped nearby on a bike.

I stopped as he uttered, “Sir, kahan jana hai aapko?” (Sir, where do you wish to go?)

I turned to him and saw that he was a 40-45 yr old person. It felt weird that an elder calling me Sir, but I didn’t said anything.

I replied, “Paota” (the name of the next bus stop. My house was around 4 km away from there.)

He said, “Ok sir. Aap baith jao. Pareshan ho rahe ho aap. Main bhi uss side hi jaa raha hoon.” (Ok sir. You please come along. I am going that side and will drop you off.)

I thanked him and sat. Though, I rarely give lift to anyone due to some reported incidences of theft and crimes, but someone offering me a lift was first experience for me. The bike moved towards the destination.

As we arrived at the bus stop, he asked me, where I wished to go. He said, that though his family doesn’t like his habit of giving lift to strangers, he gives lift to people he thinks are genuine.

I also agreed and said that, with growing crime rates, people are really scared to give lifts to people.  In talks, he mentioned that he belonged to a locality near to my place. I asked his name and he replied back, “Kalyan Singh Bhati”

Coincidentally he belonged to my community and so I told him that I am also from the same community, he asked about my address which I told him back. He pointed at a place which he referred to as his close-relative’s place. Coincidentally, they got out to be our distant relatives.

So this way, a random person who gave me a helping hand, turned out to be a person with common distant relatives. He told me that he will drop me at around 1 km distance from my home, as he had to go in different direction, to which I agreed.

He asked about my name and occupation, to which I mentioned that – “I am a writer with a published book in my name, and I have some dreams to achieve, which I am trying to achieve.”

He positively said, “Ho jayenge. Ho jayenge. Sab dreams poore ho jayenge.”, which brought happiness in my heart and smile on my face.

I thanked him when we reached the place. He said it’s okay and he is going to meet a relative who lives in a nearby area. I bid him a Good Bye, and proceeded towards my destination. A few seconds later, I realized that I forgot to offer him the prasad that I brought from the temple. I felt so sad, that I couldn’t offer him the Prasad, as it’s said in our Marwar (Jodhpur) that, “Prasad toh jitne haatho me jaata hain utna accha hota hai.” I turned but till that the person went away. Just then I received a call from Dad and he asked about my whereabouts and that he had reached home, and so he came to pick me up from there. He told me that I should have taken a cab instead of boarding public bus. I narrated the whole instance to him and he was happy to learn that humanity still exists in the world.

“Thank you for the help, sir. And I pray to God that he safeguards you from any crime or theft always. God bless you and your family. You really are doing a very nice task by contributing to the humanity. Proud of you sir!”

(Note: Writing about the whole incident, made the post lengthy, but it was worth to mention both the aspects of the incident .i.e. the visit and the act of kindness.)