Women Safety – A very serious concern

Recently a news notification popped-up on my phone. It was a news report that said that a 80yr old women was raped and now her condition was critical. Reports like this are often seen in the news mostly each and every day.

Woman safety is growing concern with cases of crime against women coming up all across the country. It is creating a situation where it feels as if – what is the use of the advancements in technology and other spheres, when a vital part of the society .i.e. Womens are feeling unsafe.

Mostly everyday we read about rapes, harrassment, etc happening in India. The recent #MeToo campaign also raised questions about this.

Can we hope for a advanced, better society without the females?

What is the use of getting modern, technologically & scientifically advanced at first place, when the female population feels vulnerable, unsafe?

The Statistics

As per the Crime in India report 2016, 39 cases of Crime Against Women are reported each hour in India, which is a matter of great concern.

Can we hope for the world to be a safe place and a better place?

Heinous Crimes – each day

Each day, we come to know about shameful acts being done. Recently, a 100-yr old bed-ridden lady was raped by a person who was a friend of her grand-son. (aged around 25 yrs). Also, many cases of child rape are coming into notice, where even 2-3 yr old girls are raped.

Can’t we do anything over all these issues?

Often sometimes, we feel vulnerable when we hear about terrorist attack(s) or even natural disaster(s) occurring and causing great loss and damage to the mankind. Can we imagine how much the women of today is scared, feels vulnerable due to these crimes committed each day in one or other part of the country?

Measures to do

Female teachers and Parents should teach their kids about good and bad touch. They should be friendly with their kids, so that the kid doesn’t hesitate to share any stuff with them.

Small matters, too much be dealt very strictly and the help of police and counselors should be taken as and when required. Today’s small issue may lead to a big issue tomorrow.

A note to mothers, sisters, friends & daughters …

DON’T KEEP SILENT in such issues. Speak out to your parents, elders etc if you face it. Speak up and fight when you face something like this.

Your silence will empower them so don’t be silent. Speak up!

Good indications

Recently, POSCO courts** in nearly all districts are being setup as a result of a proposal for the same, which is a very good decision of the Government and the Judiciary. And, news relating to conviction of sexual offenders is also coming up which is a good sign. But why not, let’s hope for a society where a crime-oriented person is scared to commit a crime, because they know that they will be badly punished for their crime.

**POSCO court is a special court established under The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012, which is applicable to whole of India.

Recent bill relating to amendment in criminal law (2018) is also a good step by the legislature to make crimes against minors a serious offence punishable with lifetime imprisonment, etc.

Lets hope for a better nation and whole world, that is secure & safe for our mothers, sisters, friends and daughters.

Jai Hind!